8 Lessons in Marriage

A few weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated our 8 years of marriage. We took a little trip to Dothan Al with the kids. On our way back, my husband popped the question. What lessons have you learned in marriage? You know, one thing I know is that we get these questions often. How have you all stayed together? Today I will be sharing 8 lessons in have learned in 8 years of marriage.

8 Lessons in Marriage

Circa Jun 04, 2011
Love is not a Feeling is a commitment.

We finally realized that those butterflies that we felt at the beginning of our marriage would slowly disappear. I remember those times when we cannot resist each other. We would spend hours on the phone and still will not be satisfied, and the next day, the cycle continues. Although we were thousands of miles away, that didn’t stop us as we blinded used up our resources, time, and money to communicate. These days, long-distance relationships are a lot easier because you can get WhatsApp l, Facebook calls for free. However, 9 years ago, these apps were not in existence. 


I have learned in the eight years of my marriage. Some days I don’t feel love, but I wake up to choose to commit to what I vowed every day. 

2. Apology is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.

3. We are not perfect.

4. We need God in our Marriage

5. I have learned to enjoy the little things

6. Marriage is all about Sacrifice.

7. Marriage is all about Purpose


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