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7 Steps to Recover from Heart-break

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We speak Gods word in love

At Love Truth International Ministries, we believe and know that God has called us to the ministry of healing broken-hearted and setting captives free and to speak God's truth in love to people we come across either through our online platforms or through our various events/conferences we have multiple times of the year.


We help build Godly Relationships

We believe relationships at Love Truth International Ministries are not about finding the right people but about becoming the right people. Family is the bedrock of society. When families fall apart, the society falls into social and cultural decline. We are on a mission to propagate the message of love and build godly relationships and marriages.


We spread love

At Love Truth International Ministries, one of the callings God has commanded us to spread love to people by creating events that will benefit people to grow in their relationships with God and people.

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During this time, We need to find ways we can continue to make your relationship to flourish and grow. Take a listen and be sure to subscribe to our channel and earn more by reading from our blog posts We love you.


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Love Truth Ministry We speak Gods word in love

Chandy and Martin are the couples we refer to as “Power Couple” advocates for godly Relationship and marriage. They believe that marriage is not about finding the right person, but is all about becoming the right person. Their passion for seeing relationships thrive compelled them to get certified to become Marriage Relationship coaches.


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By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established;
Proverbs 24:3