One Relationship Secret No one tells you

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Relationship secrets no one tells you

According to Psychology Today relationships are complex; the ones with your spouse, partner, colleague, boss, best friend, parent, child, and so on. When two people come together, there are differing expectations, backgrounds, and differences in power and responsibility, depending on the relationship.

We fight, quarrel over trivial issues with our friends, lovers, and partners just because we haven’t learned this ONE secret.
Some time ago, I had a little issue with my best friend. He had called me as usual. Typically, we would talk about everything, everything at all.

Then as we spoke, he said something jokingly about me. Although I knew he was joking, I had laughed over it, then I thought about it genuinely, and just later, I became offended.

It felt as if he doesn’t trust me.
I wasn’t expecting him to say that and come to think of it, and I felt he should have known me enough not to joke about such an issue.

Guess what I did?
I dropped the call.
I expected him to understand that I didn’t like what he said.
He called again, but I refused to take the call.
He didn’t call anymore.

As I laid on my bed ruminating over the day’s activities, it occurred to me that I had reacted harshly.
I felt I should have just told him how I felt rather than assume he knew and dropped the call on him.

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